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Article: My First Client on Shopify Plus

My First Client on Shopify Plus

Back in 2022, Nu Form Movement, a rapidly growing e-commerce brand, initially approached us with a pressing need to migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify. Their goal was to streamline operations, enhance the user experience, and fix persistent issues with their previous setup. This was the start of a transformative journey, aimed at elevating NuForm Movement's digital presence and operational efficiency.


Terry and the team shared the struggles and challenges faced with previous platforms and service providers, expressing a desire for a site that truly represented NuForm Movement’s ethos. He recounted experiences where creative control seemed out of reach, and he was ready for a change. Enter me, cue the collaborative spirit.


These discussions weren’t your standard client-developer meetings. They felt more like collaborative brainstorming sessions. The team weren’t just listing requirements;  They were sharing the story of Nu Form, and I was there to listen, understand, and innovate.


So yeah, in the realm of web development, where technical jargon often dominates, here’s a nod to Terry and the Nu Form team for making it feel like a creative partnership. Because, let’s be real, a bit of heart makes the pixels pop.


With rapid growth came the need to expand, and the brand took a different direction - pivoting from activewear to lifestyle and with this opening up to a broader and international market. Nu Studios was born. The team took the leap to move to Shopify Plus to utilise the many multistore and b2b features.


Expansion Initiatives


1. B2B Site Development:

  • Objective: Cater to business clients and streamline wholesale transactions.
  • Features:
    • Custom pricing tiers and bulk order functionalities
    • Secure login and account management for business clients
    • Detailed product information and resource materials for B2B customers
  • Outcome: Strengthened relationships with business partners and opened new revenue streams through wholesale operations.

2. Sub-Brand Launch:

  • Objective: Diversify the product line and reach new market segments.
  • Brand Strategy:
    • Developed a distinct brand identity and marketing strategy
    • Created a dedicated sub-brand website with a unique design and targeted content
  • Features:
    • Integrated with the main site while maintaining a separate identity
    • Focused on niche products and tailored marketing campaigns
  • Outcome: Successfully attracted a new customer demographic, increasing overall brand recognition and market share.


Working with The Nu team has been a rewarding experience, showcasing the importance of collaboration and genuine conversation in creating impactful online experiences and expanding brand presence in competitive markets.