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City Of Whittlesea

Article: Pride at Whittlesea

Pride at Whittlesea

Working with Whittlesea City Council, a regional council north of Melbourne, was an opportunity I won't soon forget. As a freelance designer passionate about LGBTQIA+ representation, collaborating with them to create a pride design for their upcoming campaigns was both an honor and a privilege. The objective was to create a design that not only celebrated LGBTQIA+ identity but also resonated with the broader community.

One of the key challenges we encountered was striking the right balance between creating a design that was both vibrant and straightforward. The client's request for a pride design that was modern yet grounded in traditional pride aesthetics presented an interesting creative puzzle. Additionally, we aimed to ensure that the design was not only visually striking but also practical enough to be worn or displayed in everyday settings. This required careful consideration of colour palettes, symbolism, and overall design elements to achieve the desired effect

Collaborating closely with the team at Whittlesea City Council allowed us to brainstorm ideas, iterate on concepts, and ultimately create a design that captured the spirit of pride while reflecting the council's values. Regular feedback sessions ensured that our vision aligned with their objectives.

The final pride design exceeded expectations, receiving positive feedback from both the council and the community. Its versatility allowed it to be used across various platforms, from social media campaigns to print materials, amplifying the message of inclusivity and acceptance.

For me, this project reinforced the importance of collaboration and open-mindedness in design. By embracing diverse perspectives and staying true to our shared values, we were able to create something truly impactful.

Working with Whittlesea City Council to design a pride campaign was more than just a job—it was a meaningful collaboration that allowed me to contribute to a cause I'm passionate about. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with a team that values LGBTQIA+ representation and supports creatives like myself.

If you're a fellow designer or organisation looking to champion inclusivity in your campaigns, I'd love to connect. Let's work together to create something extraordinary.