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The Dream Pad

Article: Noosa Reset With My Friend

Noosa Reset With My Friend

Today's blog post takes a detour from our usual web design discussions because I'm eager to share the incredible weekend my best friend and I recently experienced in Noosa Heads, Queensland.

The adventure began when I crossed paths with Amy from Noosa Dream Holidays, a delightful entrepreneur managing multiple properties across the Sunshine Coast. Our conversation unveiled a unique opportunity – my creative skills in exchange for a discounted stay in one of her beautiful spaces. Not something I have ever done before, but it felt so natural.

Excitement brimming, I shared the news with Rachel, my equally beach-loving, early-rising, photo-snapping, laughter-infused partner in crime. Despite the distance between us, I knew she'd be on board, even if it meant donning a bit of a modeling hat (which I knew she secretly loved).

Upon arriving in Noosa, Amy warmly welcomed us and provided insights into the intricate features of DreamPad. Polished concrete floors with glow-in-the-dark specs? Mesmerising. Imagine turning off the lights and being surrounded by a magical glow, reminiscent of trying to capture the moon's allure – truly an experience that transcends mere photographs.

DreamPad's strategic location, just a short stroll from the supermarket, restaurants, and the bus stop, made exploration a breeze. Yet, even within DreamPad itself, the experience was nothing short of stunning. A private front yard beckoned for leisurely breakfasts, sun-soaked moments, and a symphony of bird songs. When the heat got a bit much, the backyard pool offered a refreshing escape.

As night fell and our Noosa escapades concluded, the spa and sauna awaited, ensuring our relaxation continued. As if we could feel more relaxed?

The presence of Mr. T, Amy and Kim's endearing pup, added a delightful touch to our stay, offering cuddles aplenty. Privacy, of course, would normally be respected unless we requested otherwise because he was so bloody cute.

The bathroom emerged as a highlight with its exquisite features – an inset concrete shower and a rainfall shower head. As friends, we may not have fully grasped the luxury, but we certainly tried while enjoying a glass of wine and a bubbly bath, resulting in a fit of laughter.

Capturing the essence of DreamPad was a joy, and I wholeheartedly recommend Noosa Dream Holidays for an unforgettable blend of luxury and laid-back charm. Here's to unexpected opportunities and savouring the finer things in life!

I mean, have a look at it, will you?

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