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Article: Lets talk at Cafè Après

Lets talk at Cafè Après

From sipping tea in Melbourne to absolutely spilling the tea Après and Us as a team has been a rollercoaster of creativity and growth. Buckle up as we rewind through the past year, from the small beginnings to a full-blown web overhaul that's as unique as the brand itself.

So, rewind a bit, and Meg and I go way back – more than a year, to be exact. We first teamed up on a different project, and our working relationship has been a consistent dance of understanding and vibes. Our journey started when Après Studio was still finding its feet, and Meg was juggling a full-time job while nurturing this brand baby.

Cue the plot twist – a TikTok video went viral, and suddenly, notifications were flooding in like confetti. What started as minor tweaks on the website turned into a full-blown web overhaul. Après Studio was evolving, and we were riding the wave together.

One of Meg's main concerns? Her theme was stunting her growth. The Shopify theme she initially grabbed from the store was no longer cutting it. So, we rolled up our sleeves and crafted a custom theme that screamed Après personality. Think tagged pictures, and fully customisable sections for mobile and desktop – an online shopping experience that's as intuitive as your favourite playlist.

And then came the size saga. Double-digit customer inquiries about sizing were popping up like mushrooms after rain. So, we tackled it head-on during the web build. Picture the most comprehensive size chart ever, tailored for each product. It's powered by meta fields, meaning Meg and her team hold the reins, adapting it to suit the vibe of each item. Inches or centimetres, it matches up with guides and international conversions. A headache? Absolutely. Worth it? Meg says size inquiries are now a distant memory.

What made this project special? Beyond the code and pixels, it was the laughter over Zoom and the chats about the wild changes. The chaos turned into a bonding experience, making the journey not just about business but about the joy of seeing a brand evolve.

I'm buzzing with excitement to see Après Studio continue to soar. This journey has been a blast, and I can't wait to see where Meg takes this brand next. Cheers to growth, laughs, and the magic of creating something awesome together. Here's to Après Studio!

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