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Article: Running for good.

Running for good.

Our latest gig with Run For It, the initiative that somehow manages to organise four awesome events a year while dealing with the chaos of full-time jobs. Meet Ash and Cam – the brains, brawn, and heart behind Run For It. 

Imagine this: full-time jobs, charity events, and the sudden realisation, we need a place to put all this information – "Challenge accepted! Our mission: whip up a slick website using Shopify Liquid. It's like running a marathon with a side of website-building cardio. Piece of cake, right?

Cut to the chase – we built a website that's as straightforward as ordering takeout. A simple layout with scheduling features, giving Ash and Cam the freedom to update event info on the fly. No more web-related headaches, just smooth sailing for the real work – charity goodness.

Then came the tutorial videos, our not-so-secret weapons. Cooked up during and after the launch, these videos are like having your tech-savvy friend on speed dial. Ash and Cam, fear not – managing the site is now easier than scoring a coffee on a Sunday morning.

But wait, there’s more! Run For It isn't just about events; it's a whole vibe. We got artists whipping up merch to raise funds and look fly. So, we added a store – products, check; showcase, double-check. And the checkout? Easy peasy. Cam even wanted a local pick-up option – because why not?

In conclusion– being a part of this project was an amazing opportunity. As a fellow runner and small business owner, hanging with Cam and Ash felt like joining a community that's got your back. They're not just event hosts; they're your cheerleaders, your running buddies, your vibe amplifiers.

So, jog on over to Run For It. It’s not just about making a difference; it's about making it look darn good. Trust me, Go ahead, run with it!

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