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Article: Run The Web

Run The Web

Teaming up with Jacqui, the force behind Run Escapes, was like diving into an adventure with a trusted friend. After experiencing one of her retreats firsthand, our connection blossomed into a collaboration fueled by shared interests and the same mindset in business.

Run Escapes isn't about business—Jacqui has other career ventures. She created Run Escapes to build a haven where people come together, find solace, and embark on transformative journeys. Whether it's a mixed group seeking adventure or an all-female gathering fostering sisterhood, Run Escapes embodies the power of community and connection.

When Jacqui reached out, we weren't just tackling a website project—we were embarking on a mission to make life easier for a friend. Fed up with website woes and cumbersome booking processes, Jacqui wanted to reclaim control of Run Escapes' online presence. Our goal was simple: empower Jacqui to manage her business efficiently and effortlessly.

Our journey wasn't without its hurdles. Run Escapes' website lacked the flexibility Jacqui needed to make updates on the fly, and manual booking methods were draining her time and energy. Originally built on WordPress, we made the switch to Squarespace to help alleviate the stress of the complexities.

Together, Jacqui and I rolled up our sleeves and dove into the project headfirst. We focused on building a website that felt like home—one where Jacqui could make updates with ease and guests could book their retreats hassle-free. By implementing a user-friendly booking system and streamlining the backend, we turned frustration into fun. Aesthetically, the appearance changed tenfold incorporating strong media and colors that spoke to the brand image - something the previous build was lacking.

The transformation was magical. With her new website, Run Escapes became a place of empowerment and efficiency. Jacqui could manage bookings and updates in her pyjamas, and guests could book their retreats with a few clicks. But the real win? Creating a lasting connection between us that has fostered many more opportunities just because we crossed paths.

Transforming Run Escapes' website wasn't just about pixels and code—it was about supporting a friend's vision that I also believed in and ultimately amplifying its impact. I'm grateful to Jacqui for not only trusting me with her business but also for being a friend through it all. This project reminded me that when you surround yourself with like-minded people, whether that was Jacqui herself, or being on a Retreat she is hosting - I gained more than work from this, a sense of connection and growth that I will always be grateful for.