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Article: Sol Being Immersion Through My Lens

Sol Being Immersion Through My Lens

I’ve been embracing opportunities that push me beyond my usual boundaries. Recently, I had the chance to step into a new role and immerse myself in an extraordinary experience with one of my dear clients, Mon, a mindfulness guide who exudes a calming and accessible energy. Mon, asked me with full confidence and not a single doubt in my ability to capture the weekend with my camera.

Our journey together began about a year ago at a Run Escapes retreat, where we first met and started bringing her brand to life. From designing her logo to crafting her brand voice, our collaboration has been a thrilling adventure.

However, this recent experience at Mon's first sol being immersion weekend was truly special and worth sharing in more detail.


The weekend started with a delightful lunch at Balanced Hearts Winery. It was the perfect setting to break the ice with a lovely group of women who were also attending the retreat. The beautiful surroundings and the friendly atmosphere made it easy to open up and connect. One of the highlights was meeting some adorable Highland cows, which added a touch of charm to our day.

After lunch, we scurried to our campsite to set up. This task turned into a great team-building exercise, as we all pitched in and got to know each other better. Once everything was in place, we embarked on a sunset hike up Castle Rock. The view was nothing short of breathtaking as we watched the sun set, casting its golden rays across the landscape.

We paused on the side of the rock to bask in the beauty of the moment. Mon welcomed us with an impromptu guided meditation, which set the perfect tone for the weekend. Her calming presence helped us all find a moment of stillness and gratitude, grounding us in the experience.

Returning to camp, we were greeted by the lovely Jacqui, who had dinner ready and the campfire roaring. We changed into our cozy campfire clothes and gathered around the fire, sharing stories and laughter. The evening concluded with a smudging ceremony and another guided session by Mon, where we reflected on the beauty of letting go and allowed ourselves to truly feel. This led into a vulnerable sharing circle, where each of us shared the emotions and thoughts that had been present for us. It was a powerful and bonding experience.

The next morning, we faced the challenge of climbing the Pyramid, a steep rock face that tested our courage. Despite the overcast skies, the energy from the previous day carried us up the climb. At the top, we found shelter between two rocks, where we enjoyed a hot cup of tea and a biscuit. It was a wonderful way to start the day with such a supportive group of women.

Once again, Mon led us through a guided meditation, allowing us to connect with the quiet sounds of nature. This moment of presence was deeply refreshing and grounding.

As we hiked back down, we chatted and enjoyed the newfound friendships, marveling at how much we had shared in less than 24 hours. Back at camp, we gathered in a circle in the sun for breakfast, soaking in its warmth after a chilly night. To close off the weekend, Mon guided us through a journaling session and a card pull, providing a beautiful opportunity to stop, reflect, and set intentions for the future.


Participating in Mon's sol being immersion was not only an honour but also a full-circle moment for me. Experiencing her work firsthand and capturing these moments as a photographer was a profound experience that I'll cherish. Though this might have been a work venture, the experience had a much deeper impact. I thank Mon for giving me space to grow not only professionally but also personally, the weekend gave me so much clarity for the future. I genuinely cannot rave about it enough, so if you are a fellow business owner reading this right now - please consider gifting something like this to yourself. 

This weekend was a testament to the power of stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new roles. It was a reminder of the beauty of connection, the importance of being present, and the transformative power of mindfulness.

Stay tuned for more adventures and reflections!

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